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Looking for quality camps this summer? Discover the Cassa difference.

Cassa Musical Arts is the city’s premier summer school for the arts. The children’s summer camp market is always very competitive but Cassa has long been the leader in high quality arts education in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our camps offer an extremely high level of instruction in several different artistic disciplines. …

The Power of Playwriting

Is it really possible to write, rehearse, and perform a unique play in just five days? At Cassa Playwrights we’ve done this successfully every July since 2008. It’s certainly something of a challenge, since all we have at the beginning of the week is a general theme regarding what the play will be about, along with a whole bunch of enthusiasm. 

Cassa Jazz: An experience in improvisation

Cassa Jazz has proved to be an inspired addition to Cassa’s summer schedule. Derek Stoll, who teaches jazz theory at the University of Calgary and jazz piano at Mount Royal University, leads these popular workshops each July.  

The workshops cover the role of the piano/keyboard in jazz, including comping, the rhythmic chording provided by the pianist. …

Cassa Adult Piano: A source of musical inspiration

Cassa Adult Piano takes place in July and is for pianists over the age of 18. During the three-day event participants explore a wide range of piano playing styles and techniques in preparation for ensemble and solo repertoire performances. Cassa Adult Piano also features classes in interpretation, memorization, musical style, and technique. …

Cassa Piano: Launching dreams into reality

 Cassa Piano is held each July over five days for students ages ten to adult. Every summer children explore different piano playing styles and techniques, prepare for ensemble and solo repertoire performances, and attend classes in interpretation, memorization, musical style, and technique. …

Cassa’s programs at seniors' homes

Cassa Musical Arts is renowned for its excellent summer arts programs but we’re also active in many ways all year round. In recent years students and teachers from Cassa Piano and Cassa Adult Piano have regularly performed at seniors homes in the Calgary area. Recitals have taken place at Canyon Meadows Retirement Residence, Lake Bonavista Village, Chateau Renoir, Wentworth Manor, Garrison Woods, Westview Community, Maison on Elbow Drive, Amica at Aspen Woods, and at the McKenzie Towne Retirement Residence.

The importance of fundraising

For most arts organizations fundraising is fact of life and Cassa Musical Arts is no exception. We’ve worked with some of our supporters for many years and without their generous donations we simply wouldn’t be able to offer our exceptional arts camps and other programs each summer. …

The benefits of exposure to the arts

For many parents summer camps are a necessity. Once school’s over in June there has to be somewhere to send children during some weeks in the summer months. Some families may be able to share childcare duties, depending on which friends, relatives, and neighbours are at home during any given week, but there are always going to be some occasions when camp is needed. …

Cassa Playwrights: Unique stories and stellar performances

Cassa Playwrights is a dramatic and fun-filled week in which children from eight to twelve learn how to write, rehearse, and perform their own unique play in just five days. This might seem like a tall order but campers have consistently pulled this off with great success ever since the first playwriting camp took to the stage in 2008. 

Cassa Musical: A showcase of emerging talent

Cassa Musical takes place in early July each year, launching our summer programming. High school students have the opportunity to be involved in a professional musical theatre production. Participants can choose to be involved in performing, set design, and technical duties, or with costumes and make up. …

Cassa Kids: The beginning of a memorable journey

Cassa Kids continues to be one of the most popular camps in the city for younger children. Each July our professional teachers provide an introduction to art, drama, movement, and music for children aged four to eight. The camp features half-day programs with a series of fifty-minute classes. …

Article for Teachers’ Magazine

Cassa Musical Arts is Calgary’s premier summer school for the arts. There’s often a great deal of competition in the summer camp market but Cassa has long been the leader in high quality arts education in the summer months. The value of the arts in the education system isn’t always appreciated these days, but Cassa is proud to be the standard bearer and an unspoken advocate for quality arts education. 

Benefits of Studying with a Registered Music Teacher

Benefits of Summer Arts Camps

The Benefits of Summer Arts Camps 

The value of the arts in the education system isn’t always appreciated these days, yet studies indicate that musical training for young children helps to develop language and reasoning skills. Exposure to music helps children to be able to visualize, forming mental pictures that can assist with critical thinking and organization. …

Importance of Sponsors and Supporters

We talked in a previous blog post last year about the importance of a fundraising and it’s crucial role in how we operate as an organization. Equally important is the relationship we have with our sponsors and the invaluable support they have provided over the last 26 years. …

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