Benefits of Summer Arts Camps

The Benefits of Summer Arts Camps 

The value of the arts in the education system isn’t always appreciated these days, yet studies indicate that musical training for young children helps to develop language and reasoning skills. Exposure to music helps children to be able to visualize, forming mental pictures that can assist with critical thinking and organization. This also allows them to envisage a range of solutions to complex problems that they might encounter. Some studies link participation in music and drama to greater academic achievement in math, science, reading, and writing.


Like many aspects of the arts, music allows for excellent self-expression, but children studying music also learn how to study, working hard to make something the best that it can be. This is because they need to play notes accurately and be aware of the importance of timing when playing a piece. They learn how to achieve the best results, something that they can use in so many walks of life, not just in music. They also learn to take risks and deal with anxiety, particularly when performing in public.

Music helps children to develop self-discipline but also fosters teamwork and effective communication, whether in the classroom or when practicing, rehearsing, or performing with others. Music students also acquire maturity as they interact with adult teachers while learning their craft. Children that perform in front of an audience must be able to present themselves and have high levels of confidence and self esteem. Those dedicated to their music will undoubtedly meet others that share their goals and passions and develop enduring friendships and social connections. 

Calgary Arts Summer School Association, operating as Cassa Musical Arts, has provided quality fine arts education for twenty-five years! Cassa’s five-day piano camp for students ages 9 to 19 and our three-day adult piano program for pianists over the age of 18 take place each July or July and August. Participants explore a wide range of piano playing styles and techniques as they prepare to perform ensemble and solo repertoire pieces. Cassa’s highly experienced teachers include Joseph Fridman, Linda Kundert, Janice Dahlberg, Dorothea Johanson, Dr. Laura Bell, Edwin Gnandt, Darcy van Helden, Eric Nyland, Karen Gerelus, Lorna MacLachlan, Simon Rose, and Jennifer Aumentado. Cassa has hosted many notable clinicians over the years, including Ingrid Clarfield, Eugene and Elisabeth Pridonoff, Dennis Alexander, Lillian Livingston, Willard Schultz, John Dupuis and Dr. Laura Bell.

Cassa also offers musical theatre, which provides the opportunity for high school students to be involved in a professional musical theatre production, including performance, costumes and make up, set design, and technical duties. Cassa has a partnership with the Calgary Board of Education and high school credits are available for participation in Cassa Musical. Cassa Kids provides younger children with an introduction to art, drama, movement, and music for children aged 4 to 10. In Cassa Playwrights children from 7 to 12 learn how to write, rehearse, and perform their own unique play in just five days. Cassa Jazz is for pianists aged 12 to adult, and new for 2018, Cassa Composers offers a unique opportunity for students aged 12 to adult. For more information visit

Summer arts camps offer students the opportunity to develop their skills in a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere and enhance their creativity in a diverse range of artistic disciplines. Participants forge lasting friendships and many acquire a lifelong appreciation of the arts, providing them with essential skills to enable them to fully achieve their potential, whatever form that may take. For many parents summer camps are a necessity and today camps offering instruction in the arts, music, and drama are even more important than ever. 

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